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Victoria C. Phelps
- Treasurer


Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting all revenue coming into Appomattox County including:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • License Fees
  • Permit Fees
  • State & Estimate Income Tax
  • Court, Sheriff and Clerk Fees

Checks should be made payable to the Appomattox County Treasurer.  Credit and Debit Card payments may be made by telephone or via the internet at, using VISA, Mastercard or Discover. All credit or debit card transactions must be submitted to Official Payments for processing. Official Payments will charge a convenience fee for each credit or debit card transaction.

Appomattox County does not prorate taxes. January 1 ownership of each year determines Tax Liability for the entire year. If you purchase a vehicle after January 1st, you will not pay taxes on that vehicle until the following year.

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting all personal property and real estate taxes. Items taxable to individuals include: motor vehicles boats and trailers campers and mobile homes.  Items taxable to businesses include: furniture and fixtures machinery and tools merchants' capital, and other tangible personal property used in the course of business.

The Treasurer is also responsible for collecting state income tax payments and estimated state income tax payments. Taxpayers may receive assistance in filling out their income tax papers in the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue. State income taxes are due and payable by May 1 of each year. 

The Treasure is also responsible for managing the investment of County funds and for the maintenance of the County's financial records.

treasurer and revenue building

Pay Your Taxes Online

Use Official Payments to pay your County Real Estate and Personal Property taxes by credit card.  Use Jurisdiction Code 1041.  Fees will be charged to your card for this service.

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Important Dates to Remember

  • January 15:  Quarterly Estimated State Taxes Due

  • January 31:  Deadline to purchase annual Dog Licenses

  • February 15:  Deadline to file Business Personal Property Taxes

  • February 15:  Deadline to file Personal Property Mileage

  • February 15:  Deadline to file Tax Relief for the Elderly and Handicapped

  • May 1:  Quarterly Estimated State Taxes Due

  • June 5:  Real Estate Taxes Due

  • June 5:  1st Half Personal Property Taxes and Vehicle License Taxes Due

  • June 15:  Quarterly Estimated State Taxes Due

  • September 15:  Quarterly Estimated State Taxes Due

  • December 5:  Real Estate Taxes Due

  • December 5:  2nd Half Personal Property Taxes Due

FOIA Officer

Victoria C. Phelps (  Phone:  (434) 352-5200