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MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2019
6:30 PM

Susan M. Adams, County Administrator

153A Morton Lane, Appomattox, VA  24522





Call to Order- Chairman Carter
Handicap Accessibility Statement- Susan M. Adams, County Administrator
Pledge of Allegiance
Invocation- Supervisor Abbitt
Setting of Agenda


This time is provided by the Board to allow citizens the opportunity to address the Board on issues of importance to the citizen.  No individual citizen shall be permitted to address the Board for more than three (3) minutes.


These scheduled times are provided by the Board to allow citizens and organizations outside the County Government to discuss matters of importance with the Board.


Blue Ridge Regional Jail Update - Tim Trent, Administrator

Mr. Tim Trent, Administrator,  Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority is appearing before the Board to provide an update on the regional jail's operations.  The Board requested that staff invite Mr. Trent to provide the update during the budgeting cycle and due to conflicting schedules, Mr. Trent was unable to attend in April and May.  The County is very appreciative of Mr. Trent's leadership and collaboration and welcome him tonight as he addresses the Board.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration




Public Hearing-CUP190211-USCOC of Virginia RSA#3, Inc.

CUP190211-USCOC of Virginia RSA #3, Inc. (applicant), Dianne and Dillon Pigford (property owners), Emilee Switzer (agent) has requested a conditional use permit to locate a 154 foot tall wireless communication facility (WCF) on property located off  Oak Ridge Road (Route 663) in the Oakville area.  The parcel totals 30.46 acres and is identified as Tax Map Identification Number 19 (A) 4H. The WCF lease area (approximately 10,000 sf) will be located approximately 350 feet north of Oak Ridge Road.  The property is zoned A-1, Agricultural Zoning District and is designated as Rural Preservation Area (RPA) by the Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the petition at its regular meeting in May. 



Revised Appomattox County Personnel Policy

Consider the adoption of the "revised" Appomattox County Personnel Policy to be effective July 1, 2019.

Staff Recommendation:  Adopt the "revised" Personnel Policy to be effective July 1, 2019.


  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

FY 2020 Budget Appropriation Resolution

The Board approved the FY 2020 Budget at the May 13th meeting.  Attached for your review and consideration for approval is a Resolution appropriation the FY 2020 Budget effective July 1, 2019.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt the attached FY 2020 Budget Appropriations Resolution in the amount of $41,072,697.


"Proposed" Fence In Ordinance

After being duly advertised and meeting Ordinance posting requirements, a Public Hearing was held at the April Board of Supervisors meeting to receive public comment on the "proposed" ordinance.  The Ordinance is included on the June agenda for the purpose of Board discussion and/or consideration for adoption.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration



CVACL Appointment

At the April meeting, Ms. June Chenault submitted a letter of resignation from the CVACL Board of Directors and the Board opted to request staff contact Ms. Silverman for recommendation.  An email from Ms. Silverman stated that "The CVACL By-Laws changed and they no longer require two representatives from each locality.  Currently, Mr. Robert Fox serves as Appomattox County's Board representative."  Additionally, Ms. Silverman communicated that the appointments and not county appointed, only recommendations.  Ms. Silverman will be contacting staff in July to offer other alternatives for appointment suggestions.  

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  No current action required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Consideration of CUP190211_USCOC of Virginia RSA#3, Inc.

A public hearing has been held and comments received.  At the May 8, 2019 meeting of the Planning Commission, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the petition with three conditions.  A resolution to this effect has been prepared for your consideration. 


RZ190289-Thomas Tolbert-Setting a Public Hearing

Please schedule a Public Hearing at the next regular Board of Supervisors meeting to receive comments for the rezoning petition of Mr. Thomas Tolbert.  The Planning Commission, at its regular June meeting, recommended approval of this petition. 

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration


The Consent Agenda includes approval of all Bills, Minutes, Supplemental Appropriations, Line Item Transfers, and Fund Transfers.  Any item on the Consent Agenda shall be removed from the Consent Agenda at the request of any Board member prior to the vote on the Consent Agenda.  Items removed from the Consent Agenda shall be considered by the Board individually in order in which they were removed from the Consent Agenda immediately following consideration of the Consent Agenda.


Invoices Submitted For Payment

Please review the attached invoices and approve for payment.

June 7, 2019 $21,766.54
June 14, 2019 - CSA $164,139.36
June 17, 2019 $175,463.15
TOTAL: $361,369.05
Staff Recommendation:  Please review and consider approval of the attached invoices for payment.



Please review the following DRAFT minutes for additions, corrections or questions:

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - Work Session

Monday, May 13, 2019 - Special Meeting


Department of Social Services

Please supplement by consent and appropriate the following:

5301-2002 VRS $10,077.51
5301-2006 Group Life $760.87
5301-2002 ICMA-RC $859.23
TOTAL: $11,697.61

RE:  Reimbursement for May, 2019 payroll deductions.

Staff Recommendation:  No new local funds are required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Comprehensive Services - CSA

Please supplement by consent and appropriate the following:

5310-3001 Professional Services $11,343.12

RE:  Reimbursement from Department of Social Services for CSA services.

Staff Recommendation:  No new local funds are required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

J. Robert Jamerson Memorial Library

Please supplement by consent and appropriate the following:

7301-5411 Books $227.50
7301-5401 Office Supplies $634.50
7301-5415 Summer Reading $225.00
7301-5201  Postage   $2.75
TOTAL: $1,089.75
Staff Recommendation:  No new local funds are required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Sheriff's Department

Please supplement by consent and appropriate the following:

3102-1002 Overtime $1,173.42

RE:  Reimbursement from Appomattox County High School for deputy to perform security.

Staff Recommendation:  No new local funds are required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Board of Supervisors

Please supplement by consent and appropriate the following:

1101-3001 Professional Medical Services $334.05

RE:  Reimbursement from General District Court for restitution received from Frances Burrell for necropsy that was performed on deceased animal.

Staff Recommendation:  No new local funds are required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Commissioner of Revenue Refund Requests

Mrs. Sara Henderson, Commission of the Revenue is requesting the following to be reimbursed in the amount of $2,026.13 from line item 1209-5803.

1)  Refund Corey Robinson $35.00 for 2019 vehicle license fee paid.  Vehicle was sold 11/15/18.

2)  Refund ARI Fleet LT $1,006.50 for 2018 Personal Property taxes paid.  Vehicle was garaged in Lynchburg and taxes were paid to that locality.

3)  Refund Trzy Rzeki Corporation $346.90 for 2016 ($169.65) and 2017 ($177.25) Personal Property taxes paid.  The Company closed in 2015.

4)  Refund Raymond A. Hatcher, Jr. $602.73 for 1st Half 2018 Personal Property taxes paid.  Business closed in 2017.

5)  Refund Sarah P. Jones $35.00 for 2019 license tax paid.  Vehicle was sold in 2018.

Staff Recommendation:  Please consider the Commissioner of Revenue's refund requests.  A copy of letters and explanations are attached for your review.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Commissioner of the Revenue - Refunds

Please supplement by consent and appropriate the following:

1209-5803 Refunds $2,026.13

RE:  Personal Property tax refunds issued by the Commissioner of Revenue.

Staff Recommendation:  No new local funds are required.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

Circuit Court - Law Library

Please transfer by consent $469.00 from the Law Library Fund to the General Fund and supplement the following:

2101-5804 Law Library $469.00

RE:  Purchase of law books by the Circuit Court Clerk for the Law Library.

Staff Recommendation:  Transfer requested funds from the Law Library to the General Fund and supplement $469.00 to 2101-5804.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration




Body Worn Camera MOU & Funding - Tom Lacheney, County Attorney

Staff received correspondence from the Compensation Board stating new budget language approved by the 2019 General Assembly requiring cities and counties implementing or having implemented body worn cameras among their local law enforcement agencies to provide staff resource funding to their Commonwealth's Attorney's office to address the added workload impact of camera footage.  Mr. Lacheney, Ms. Adams, Sheriff Letterman, Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Fleet met last week to discuss the language in HB 1700.  Mr. Lacheney is prepared to provide an update to the Board and Mr. Fleet is present to address questions and/or concerns.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Collectively, Mr. Lacheney and Mr. Fleet  prepared the attached "proposed" Memorandum of Understanding that the Board may want to consider adopting and is relevant to the "revised" Biennial budget language. 

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration
  • Documents:MOU.pdf




Certificate of Appreciation

A Resolution of Appreciation from the Appomattox Senior FFA Chapter  to the Board of Supervisors  is attached.


School - May 2019 Financial Report

Attached for your review is the May 2019 Financial Report from Dr. Bennett, Division Superintendent and Bruce McMillian, Director of Finance.



Free Music in the Courtland Festival Park

A flyer for a "free" music event in Courtland Festival Park is attached.  The next event is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th from 6-8pm.  You are invited to bring your family to the park and enjoy the talents of local musicians.


Hanover Transfer Site Visit

County Waste extended an invitation to the Board to visit its new facility in Hanover County.  The Transfer Station in Hanover County has recently received its Certificate of Occupancy and should be open for business in July.  County Waste Management staff communicated to the County Administrator that although they have been issued their CO, they have been instructed to not do any landscaping until September.  The newly constructed  Transfer Station's site plan and building specifications is very similar to the Transfer Station that will be constructed in Appomattox. 

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:  Suggested dates to schedule a visit to the Hanover site are: Thursday, 6/20, Friday 6/21, or Wednesday, 6/26.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

PILT (Payment of Lieu of Taxes)

Last September, the County received notification of a Class Action Suit to recover PILT payment for FY 2015-2017, Kane County vs. United States.  As a local government agency we were given the opt in or opt out options to participate in the Class Action Suit to recover PILT underpayments for FY 2015-2017.  Appomattox County "opted in" and received notification from the  Court of Federal Claims Judgments that we will be receiving a payment form the Judgment Fund in the amount of  $176.00.

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration

VDOT Speed Reduction Sign

At the May meeting, the Board requested staff to contact VDOT relevant to the process of requesting a speed reduction sign.  Ms. McMahan, Land Use Engineer offered the following:
"Speed reduction request is made through the Customer Service call center at 1-800-367-7623. You could have the resident call or call yourself. The call center puts in a work order that will generate a request for a traffic study to determine if a speed reduction is warranted for the road in question. Our Traffic Division is busy so it can take time for an answer to come back."

  • Department:Board of Supervisors, Administration


This time is for individual Board members to share information with other members of the Board and the public.  Items presented under this heading requiring action will be for a future meeting agenda or to request additional information from staff members.  No item presented under this heading shall be acted upon at this meeting without the unanimous consensus of the Board.



Monday, July 15, 2019 @ 6:30 PM
Regular Scheduled Meeting
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room
171 Price Lane, Appomattox, Virginia

Monday, August 19, 2019 @ 6:30 PM
Regular Scheduled Meeting
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room
171 Price Lane, Appomattox, Virginia