Board Vision Statement

Adopted July 7, 2014

Appomattox County will be a place where family and community are valued, as the highest priority, where you can live, work and play all within the trusted confines of our towns and surrounding neighborhoods.

Appomattox County will be safe for all; young and old; welcoming and gracious to each visitor; while promoting a healthy, vibrant community focused on a high quality of life through dedicated parks, trails and recreational opportunities that seize upon our Civil War Heritage.

Leadership in our community will strive to act with Integrity, Trustworthiness, Cooperation, and a Dedication to public service. Community Leaders will encourage businesses, new and existing, to make history here by offering a work force that has relevant education, skills, and training. Employment opportunities will be sought out by providing improved county services, infrastructure, educational attainment, and community facilities.

Appomattox County will manage growth along our primary corridors of Route 460, Route 24, and Route 26, and emphasize growth that is near our town centers, while preserving our rural character and abundant open spaces, rivers, and other natural resources.

In 1865, in a small, rural village, two men resolved to shake hands, thus ending a bitter chapter in our nation's history, while at the same time signifying the rebirth of One Nation. Appomattox County will build on that spirit of reunification by being an open minded community that encourages cooperation and embraces change.

Core Functions Necessary to Achieve Our Vision

  1. Adequate funding for Education
  2. Put Tourism at the Forefront
  3. Job Creation
  4. Improved Public Facilities through better Funding
  5. Town/County Cooperation/Communication
  6. Pro-Active Governance
  7. Community Appearance

The Planning Commission voted unanimously on these seven items at its April 9, 2014 meeting. These items have been coupled with the Vision Statement and added to the Comprehensive Plan for Appomattox County.