Electoral Board


  • Charles W Haney, Chairman
    Term Expires: December 31, 2026
  • Robert DiLorenzo, Vice-Chair
    Term Expires: December 31, 2025
  • Lannis Selz, Secretary
    Term Expires: December 31, 2024

Members are appointed by the County's Circuit Court judge for staggered three year terms.

Link to Electoral Board Minutes


As with every city and county in Virginia, Appomattox County has a three-member Electoral Board. The main duties of the Electoral Board are as follows:

Election Administration

  • Approval of voting equipment to be used, and development and approval of a security plan to keep all equipment and materials secure.
  • Ensure the creation, production and proper custody of ballots.
  • Ensure the proper conduct of Logic and Accuracy (L&A) test to be sure equipment is programmed correctly for each election.
  • Assist in conducting absentee voting when requested by the Director of Elections.
  • Appointment of officers of election and ensuring that training, assignment and review of precinct officers of election occurs.
  • Ensure coordination with other local government departments (e.g., police, sheriff, public works, IT, schools) to ensure smooth conduct of each election.
  • Assistance in procuring, packing and delivering supplies to polling places.
  • Ensure proper setup of polling places prior to each election.
  • Assistance in polling places and offices as needed on Election Day. Availability to respond to inquiries from media, voters and political parties.
  • Conduct of post-election canvass to ascertain that all precinct results are accurate and complete.
  • Based on input from the General Registrar, determination of validity and counting of provisional ballots.
  • The Electoral Board’s signatures on the certification of results following the canvass is the ultimate declaration of the truth, accuracy and dependability of the vote totals being submitted to the Commonwealth and is thus the foundation of the democratic process.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Appointment, removal and annual performance evaluation of the Director of Elections/General Registrar.
  • Certification of candidates, when required.
  • Conduct meetings in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Electoral Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, except for election days (usually the monthly meetings are not held in November). They are held at the Elections Office, at 367 Virginia Avenue, Appomattox, at 1 PM. The public is welcome.
  • Familiarity with federal and state laws that must be followed in conducting elections.
  • Creation of Appomattox policies for election administration, such as the Office Hours Policy (PDF), and the Campaign Sign Policy (PDF).
  • Attendance at training programs provided by Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT).
  • Together with the General Registrar, administration of the Office of Elections, including budgeting and interfacing with local government officials, as needed.
  • The Secretary of the Electoral Board has specific tasks and responsibilities according to the Code and must take and keep accurate minutes of all board meetings.