Voter Registrar

The Director of Elections/General Registrar is responsible for maintaining accurate voter registration records, managing absentee by-mail and early voting, reviewing and maintaining candidate filings, handling FOIA requests, and the myriad of tasks required for conducting elections. The Registrar works hand in hand with the three-member Electoral Board. Together we administer elections by procuring ballots and other supplies, managing elections equipment, overseeing polling places, training Officers of Election to work the polls, and recording, reviewing and reporting election results. We enjoy educating our voters about election processes.

Our Mission

Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen. Our mission is to provide fair and equal access to voter registration and voting for all eligible citizens of Appomattox County. We endeavor to conduct all elections at the highest level of professional standards, in a transparent, non-partisan, accurate and secure manner, thus ensuring public confidence in the integrity of the results. The Appomattox County Elections Office is committed to the faithful execution of the duties and responsibilities outlined by the Virginia State Board of Elections and by the state and federal Constitutions and laws.