eVA Vendor Registration

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s electronic procurement system (eVA) streamlines and automates government purchasing activities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The eVA portal is the gateway for vendors to conduct business with state agencies and public bodies.  All vendors desiring to provide goods and/or services to the Commonwealth are recommended to participate in eVA by registering as a vendor.  There is no cost to register as a vendor on the website.  The portal will provide registered vendors with automatic notifications when a bid/proposal is posted by a buyer seeking goods/services in that match your commodity code(s), as well as notifications when an update is made (i.e. addenda issued, award notification issued, etc.).  

Vendor List / Bidder's List

Appomattox County no longer maintains a vendor registration process or the resulting Vendor List. Vendors are welcome to submit to the Purchasing Office information on their company's products and services, information which will be passed on to relevant departments for use in small purchases (<$100,000).  It is recommended that vendors check the eVA webpage regularly for any new bids or proposals that may open.   If a vendor wishes to be notified about a bid or proposal posting, the County recommends that the vendor register for eVA to receive notifications.

Vendor Contact with Purchasing Office

Vendors are asked to refrain from calling the Purchasing Office as the preferred method of receiving vendor and product information is via email. Please email John Spencer all information.  All requests for vendor visits should likewise be emailed.

W-9 Form

To be added as a new Appomattox County vendor and receive payment for goods and services provided, a completed W-9 form is required. To obtain a blank copy of the latest version of the W-9 form, visit the IRS website.  Completed W-9 forms may be sent to the email of the Purchasing Office

If you are a current vendor with the County but have changed any information recently (i.e. addresses, tax classification status, federal tax ID number, business name, etc.) or are a current vendor but your W-9 has not been updated within the last five years, you may also be asked to provide an updated form.

For a copy of the County's W-9 form, email the Purchasing Office.

Tax Exemption

Appomattox County is exempt from Virginia Sales Tax.  Please contact the Purchasing Office for a copy of the Commonwealth of Virginia Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (ST-12) form.  Please note that the County may be exempt from other taxes and fees in addition to Sales Tax.