Materials Not Accepted

State Regulations Governing Accepted Materials

Due to State regulations, the County is unable to accept certain materials at any of the convenience centers. There are private companies such as Safety Kleen 540-890-4478 which do accept some of these materials for proper disposal. Appomattox County is not affiliated with any of these private businesses.

The following list contains those materials the County is unable to accept:

  • Animals ( May be taken to the Regional Landfill)
  • Contaminated soil classified as hazardous waste
  • Dioxins, PCB's or free liquids
  • Drums that are not cleaned and open on both ends
  • Pesticide containers that have not been tripled rinsed
  • Pressurized fuel tanks or containers
  • Regulated hazardous waste
  • Sewage and sludge

Tree Stumps

Due to restrictions imposed by the County's wood processor, we are unable to accept tree stumps.