Sheriff's Office

Responsibilities of the Sheriff

The Appomattox County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services throughout Appomattox County, which includes the towns of Appomattox and Pamplin. The Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the protection of life and property of all persons in the county.

In addition to providing law enforcement services, the Sheriff's Office performs the following services:

  • Courtroom security
  • Service of criminal warrants and civil process
  • Enforcement of County Ordinances
  • Placement of School Resource Officers in each of the county's four public schools
  • Administration of an active TRIAD program that meets every other month to address the law enforcement needs of Seniors in the County
  • Administration of Project Lifesaver, an innovative rapid response program aiding victims and families of Alzheimer's Disease and other related disorders
  • Operation of an Inmate Workforce Program which uses inmate labor to clean up trash along the County's roadways.

Citizens' Advisory Committee

The Sheriff's Office has created a Citizens' Advisory Committee whose purpose is to give all citizens of Appomattox County a voice in the Sheriff's Office. Each member of the Committee will act as a representative of one of the five election districts in the County. The Committee will advise the Sheriff of problems in their respective district as they relate to law enforcement and will provide feedback on programs and services that the Sheriff's Office provides. The Committee also provides ideas and other input into the creation of new programs and services. The Committee, which meets quarterly, is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Citizens' Advisory CommitteeAppomattox River District (including Town of Pamplin):
  • Courthouse District (including Town of Appomattox):
  • Falling River District (including Spout Spring):
  • Piney Mountain District (including Vera and Oakville):
  • Wreck Island District (including Concord/Stonewall area):