Economic Development Authority

The Appomattox County Economic Development Authority is an independent authority chartered in legislation enacted by the Virginia General Assembly in 1964 that allowed the Board of Supervisors to create an independent authority to drive an economic development effort. It was originally an Industrial Development Authority. A seven-member board of county business leaders, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, oversees the work of the Authority.

The Appomattox County EDA mission statement, as approved by the Authority on August 22, 2011, is "to facilitate the growth of existing and future businesses in Appomattox County, including the towns of Appomattox and Pamplin, utilizing the strengths and unique qualities of our County, that complements our residential and land needs, preserves the character and unique history of our County and its communities, contributes to our financial future and security, and is closely coordinated with the economic health of both Region 2000 and the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition, we commit ourselves to continuing development of a highly trained and educated workforce, and providing for a safe, economically strong County."

The Board of Supervisors charged the Appomattox County EDA with developing and executing a business attraction and retention program in order to stimulate job creation and build the commercial tax base. The Board of Supervisors uses the commercial tax base to fund public services for a growing and diversifying population.

Business growth helps Appomattox County fund public services such as the public school system that improve the quality of life. Appomattox County offers a well-educated workforce, diverse real estate opportunities, access to major markets, anda business community based on technology and professional services, all to ensure the viability and sustainability of the County's unique quality of life.

Current Directors of the Economic Development Authority