Planning Fee Schedule

Plat Review / Approval

Fee TypeCost
Minor Plat of 1-4 lots$100 + $50 / lot
Major Plat of 5 or more lots$250 + $100 / lot
Family Division Exemptions $50 + $10 / lot
Boundary Line Adjustment, resurveys, vacations, all others35


Fee TypeCost
Zoning Permit$75
Home Occupation Permit$75
Certificate of Compliance$50
Sign / Zoning Permit$75
Junkyard License$35 / year
 Antennae/Tower Permit  $500
Site Development Plan Review$250 + $10 / acre

Petitions to the Board of Supervisors

Fee TypeCost
Conditional Use Permit$550
Board of Zoning Appeals$550

Publications, etc.

Fee TypeCost
Comprehensive Plan$35 + postage
Zoning Ordinance$20 + postage
Subdivision Ordinance$12 + postage
Combination Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance$25 + postage
Street Map$5
Bad (Returned) Check$40

E-911 Services

Fee TypeCost
 Initial Street Address Placard No charge
 Replacement of Street Address Placard $300
 New Road Range Assignment and Street Sign $150 + cost of sign and hardware