Erosion & Sediment Control Program


The Erosion and Sediment Control Program works with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to conserve, protect, and enhance their lands and improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay and our rivers and streams, promotes the stewardship and enjoyment of natural, cultural and outdoor recreational resources, and ensures the safety of Virginia's dams.

Any land disturbing activity exceeding 5,000 square feet will require a land disturbing permit (LDP).  Land Disturbing Activity means any land change which may result in soil erosion from water or wind and the movement of sediments into state waters or onto lands in the Commonwealth, including but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavating, transporting, and filling of land, except that the term shall not include those activities which are exempted by the Code of Virginia and/or local ordinance.

Responsible Land Disturber License

If an area greater than 5,000 square feet is to be disturbed, a Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) must be identified.  For more information, please contact DEQ or visit the DEQ website.