Commonwealth's Attorney

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is one created by the Constitution of Virginia and is responsible directly to the citizens of the County of Appomattox. The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office prosecutes felony and misdemeanor cases in the Circuit, General, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts for the County of Appomattox and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth's Attorney also represents the County's interests in forfeiture proceedings to confiscate assets of drug-related crimes. Forfeiture proceedings are designed to take the profit out of dealing drugs and as a result, deter drug dealers from trafficking drugs within the County.

The office works closely with the Appomattox County Sheriff's Department, Virginia State Police, and Federal law enforcement to provide 24-hour legal advice and assistance to those agencies. Responsibilities also include assisting victims of any crimes that occur in the County. The staff keeps victims informed and prepares them for testifying in court, bringing dignity and confidence throughout the process of the trial and sentencing of defendants.

The overall goal of the Office of Commonwealth's Attorney is to prosecute crime, protect the rights of crime victims, and educate the general public about the criminal justice system.