Appomattox Business Directory

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Appomattox County is home to a wide variety of businesses offering shopping, dining, lodging and other opportunities to both residents and visitors alike. Our businesses also provide stable employment to many people from around the region.

To honor our local businesses, the County’s Board of Supervisors and Economic Development Authority are proud to offer all Appomattox County businesses the opportunity to join the County’s Appomattox Business Directory.

If your business is located in Appomattox County, please click the “Submit Your Business Online” link below to begin the process of adding your business to the list. You will be asked to register for a new account, and once you receive your username and password, login to that account. Once in the account, the “Add Business Submission” page should appear. All information fields with an “asterisk” are required, but you are encouraged to provide as much information as possible, including business hours, a photo, and details on products and services. At the bottom, please verify that you are the business owner or at least have the owner’s permission to add the business to the list. Once the County receives your submission, the information will be verified before your business is added to the list.

For those using the Appomattox Business Directory, please use the drop-down menu to search by business category. Otherwise, all County businesses on the list will be shown.

If you have any questions about the Appomattox Business Directory, the process to list a business, or how to remove an outdated entry, please contact Jeff Taylor at

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