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5:30 PM

 Johnnie Roark, Community Development Director

153A Morton Lane, Appomattox, VA  24522


Call to Order

Determination of Quorum


Election of Officers
Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Per the By Laws adopted by the Planning Commission, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, beginning last year, shall rotate according to the alphabetical order of the election districts.  Last year, Appomattox River and Courthouse (Almond/Conner) served as Chair and Vice-Chair.  If you desire to follow the By Laws, Courthouse (Conner) should be nominated for Chairman and Falling River (Dickerson) should be nominated for Vice-Chairman.


Consent Action

The Annual Calendar and By Laws have been attached for your review.  If it suits the Commission, you may adopt both items by consent.


2017 Work Plan

Typically, at the January organizational meeting, staff takes requests from Planning Commission members for projects or items the Planning Commission feel needs to be addressed.  These projects are worked into the normal cycle of code updates, zoning petitions, and capital improvement programming.  

 If you have any planning areas you would like to address, this is the time to add them.  

Citizen's Comment Period

Approval of Minutes


December Minutes

The meeting minutes for the December 14, 2016 meeting are available for your approval.

Discussion of Petition/Public Hearing

Old Business

New Business


Vtrans 2025 Multimodal Transportation Plan

The Region 2000 Local Government Council will be hosting an Open House for the Vtrans 2025 Multimodal Transportation Plan update on January 12, 2017 at its offices, 828 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.  You are invited to attend.  The update will include recommendations for improvements to Corridors of Statewide Significance (CoSS), Regional Networks, and Urban Development Areas (UDA's).  

The recommendations in the VMTP 2025 will be presented to the Commonwealth Transportation Board mid-year in 2017. As you may know, all Smart Scale project applications must demonstrate a need identified in the 2025 VMTP Needs assessment.


Regional Planning Commission's Training Opportunity

Every few years, Region 2000 Local Government Council sponsors a one to two hour training/workshop meeting for all of the local Planning Commissions.  This spring will be another opportunity for this event.  If you have a specific topic you would like addressed or a particular guest speaker, please let staff know.